Gday mate, welcome to my stakepool. Based in Australia, the land down under. Watch out for the drop bears!
Website is a joke - I'm working on it - but the stake pool servers are 100% solid!

About us

  • Gday

    Australian father of two, ex-chemical engineer, now senior highschool maths teacher.
    Thanks to excellent online resources and strong community, I was able to develop and online a stake pool.
    I am proud of my achievement and want to help other non-IT professionals to get involved.
    How decentralised can Cardano be in the future if only experienced devs can operate pools?

  • Headline

    Have you checked out Nugget's News? The best crypto community I know. Education, research, fundamentals. No shill, hype, or moon crap.

  • Technology

    Mate we have got the best setup - check it out:

    Stakepool is built on a hybrid network architecture using VPS and bare-metal servers. This gives a mix of performance and redundancy.

    Bare-metal server specifications:

    16 cores, 128GB memory, 1Gbps network line

    VPS specifications  for each relay node: 

    4 cores,  8GB memory, 5Gbps network line

    I am based in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.


Some key numbers:

  • 1 Number of pools I operate
  • 60K Ada Pledge
  • 4am Late night pool building!
  • 2 Vultr Relays
  • 1000 Number of stake pools in network

Cardano is gonna change the world. So exciting to be part of the movement. Power to the people.


Staking FAQ

Staking with Mana Pool is simple: 

With just a few clicks in your Daedalus wallet you can  access one of our many pools. 

Once you are staking within the pool your payouts are automatically sent directly to your wallet every epoch. 

You will never have to worry about maintenance, operations or updates that’s automatically handled by us.

The best part about staking?  Your ada never leaves your wallet and you will always remain in control of your funds.